Jordan Cruger, an African-American student at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, has created a Facebook page in hopes of garnering support from the black community for republican GOP candidate Mitt Romney. Cruger launched “African Americans for Mitt Romney” on Jan. 21, which to date has 88 ‘likes.’ BET reports on the story:

It’s got just 84 likes, but it’s currently aiming for 100, a goal that college student Jason Cruger, creator of the “African Americans for Mitt Romney” Facebook page, hopes to soon reach. It chronicles personal and political milestones in the candidate’s life, such as his wedding anniversary, endorsements and positive poll numbers.

Cruger launched the page on Jan. 21 with a video of Romney recalling his father’s relationship with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The social-media venture’s mission is to gather African-American support for Romney’s White House bid.

“Mitt Romney will create many new jobs for African-Americans. He has laid out a plan to get the economy moving, lower unemployment and make sure that promises made by a functional government are promises kept,” the John Jay College of Criminal Justice student writes.

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