Jaleel White hosts new show and says 'reality TV is bad for society'

theGRIO VIDEO - Jaleel White, who is largely known for his role as Steve Urkel on 'Family Matters' says that reality TV is bad for society...

Jaleel White is not only dancing circles around the competition on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, but also launching a new game show on the Syfy channel. The 35-year-old actor is trying his hand at hosting, with Total Blackout, a competition which places contestants in total darkness to compete in challenges.

During an interview with theGrio, White, who is largely known for his starring role as Steve Urkel on Family Matters, opened up about his beginnings as a child star.

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He revealed that he was nearly cast to play Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show, a role that was made famous by Keisha Knight Pulliam.

White also commented on the current boom of reality TV shows. “I’m not the biggest fan of reality TV because people at home don’t realize it’s not reality. They’re still telling stories, they’re still manipulating the stories. I think it’s bad for society, personally,” he said. “I don’t watch none of that, and it will be blocked. My daughter won’t be watching it either. ”

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