Eddie Murphy comparison sends Caleb King into a rage

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Minnesota Vikings running back Caleb King is being held on assault charges after nearly beating a man to death following a birthday party. The victim, Andrew Hayek, and the 24-year-old King were both at Oak Grove when Hayek jokingly said that King looked like Eddie Murphy. The Daily Mail reports that King is alleged to have got into the car through the unlocked driver’s door and pulled Hayek out and to then throw him head first onto the ground.

A NFL star has been accused of almost beating a man to death after he was teased about looking like Eddie Murphy.

Caleb King, a Minnesota Vikings running back, is being held on assault charges after the attack that might have left his 22-year-old victim with a serious facial injuries.
King, 24, is alleged to have taken exception to a remark made by Andrew Hayek at a birthday party they were attending in Oak Grove, a suburb of Minnesota, at the weekend.

Hayek is alleged to have joked that King looked like Hollywood star Eddie Murphy.
According to a police report King followed Hayek out to a car and hit him in the face.

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