Kenneth Chamberlain was shot and killed in his own home in 2011. The 68-year-old military veteran accidentally triggered the emergency alert button he wore around his neck in his sleep. When the police arrived at his home and Chamberlain refused to open the door. This led to a scuffle that ended with Chamberlain getting shot and killed. Officer Anthony Carelli, the man allegedly responsible for Kenneth Chaimberlain’s death, has been cleared of all charges.The Huffington Post reports:

The officer who shot and killed 68-year old Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. in his own apartment was cleared of all criminal charges on Thursday.

Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore said, “We did everything we could and should do to put before that grand jury every piece of relevant and admissible evidence” but ultimately did not find evidence to bring forth an indictment upon Officer Anthony Carelli, who had been identified as Chamberlain’s shooter.

Carelli, along with other White Plains police, showed up at Chamberlain’s home on November 19 responding to a mistaken medical alert after the former marine had accidentally triggered a device used because of a heart condition.

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