On Friday, New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick sparked outrage while taking shots at the Brooklyn Nets and co-owner Jay-Z. Ever since the racially insensitive comments made by the long-time columnist went viral, he doesn’t seem to be apologetic about them at all. The Village Voice reports that, in a defensive e-mail to the Post’s “Bob’s Blitz” blog, he wrote “Jay-Z profits from the worst and most sustaining self-enslaving stereotypes of black-American culture and I’M the racist? Some truths, I guess, are just hard to read, let alone think about.”

New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick wrote a pretty idiotic column last week (part of which you can read below), in which he suggested Jay-Z should rename the Brooklyn Nets the “New York N——-s.” Mushnick remains unapologetic — since we reported on Mushnick’s stupidity last week, he’s hit us with a few scathing emails. The gist of his rants: we’re assholes, and he ain’t no racist. His proof: he claims he outed the deceased, racist, Nazi-sympathizing former owner of the Cincinnati Reds, Marge Schott.

“I’m never comfortable using that word [nigger]. That’s the way I was raised. Shame on my parents,” a sarcastic Mushnick writes. “The ONE time I spelled it out – for accuracy – I was widely condemned as a racist. So either way, I’m a bigot. I know what’s in my heart and my head, the way I was raised, and the way I raised my kids. But you’ve painted me a racist. Good work, James. And good work, if you can get it.”

As we pointed out to Mushnick, we never called him a racist — not once. We don’t know the guy and won’t speculate on his racial sympathies. What we do know is that he used the word “n——-s” in a column, which is an incredibly stupid, insensitive things to do — regardless of the context, or the race of the person using the word.

In a previous email from Mushnick, he tries to argue that Jay-Z uses the word “niggas” all the time, as if that makes his using the word acceptable. As we also pointed out to Mushnick, just because Jay-Z — as a black man — uses the word “niggas,” it doesn’t make it OK, and we would have called him out the same way we called out Mushnick if he even joked about renaming the Brooklyn Nets the “New York N——-s.”

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