'J-Dimps': 80-year-old 'rapper' becomes Twitter sensation

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Josephine Lamberti, also known as J-Dimps, found herself sad and bored after the death of her husband a few years back. The 80-year-old decided to get involved in her grandson’s ‘video thingys’ and has become a celebrity on Twitter since then. She has been re tweeted by celebrities like Justin Beiber and Rihanna and says that she hopes to reach 80,000 before she dies. The New York Times reports:

Life became listless for Josephine Lamberti, 80, after her husband died several years back, so she turned to a grandson, Donny Brandefine, who she knew made those video “thingies’’ for the Internet.

“I was bored and I wanted some action, so I says, ‘Donny, you want to teach me the computer so I can, you know, tweet or something?’” Mrs. Lamberti explained Thursday in her home on Staten Island.

[youtubevid http://youtube.com/watch?v=ylgFY3gB-vg]

Mr. Brandefine, 24, a personal trainer with a knack for making videos that tend to be huge hits — like “The Facebook Workout” — saw a dual opportunity here: he could reinvigorate his grandmother and promote her on the Internet as a way to build his own online profile.

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