1st grader suspended for singing LMFAO's 'I'm Sexy and I Know It' in class

A first grade student at a Colorado elementary school was suspended for three days for singing the lyrics to the LMFAO hit “I’m Sexy and I Know It,” to a girl in his art class. Six-year-old D’Avonte Meadows, who is African-American, was suspended for what the school district is calling a violation of the school’s sexual harassment policy.

The child explained that he chose the tune because he heard the song on Sesame Street, a children’s show that features the popular cartoon character Elmo. The parody uses the LMAFO tune and substitutes the word “sexy” with “Elmo.” The cartoon character sings the lyrics, “I’m Elmo and I know it.” The popular tune was also used in an M&M spoof commercial that ran during this year’s Super Bowl.

The school district continues to defend its actions, declaring that “sexually oriented” jokes and inappropriate references to sexual matters are strictly prohibited in the classroom because they interfere with the learning environment.

Stephanie Meadows, D’Avonte’s mother, believes the punishment was too harsh and explained that this was simply her son’s way of attempting to impress a girl. She also said she does not understand how her son disrupted the girl’s education by singing the tune.

D’Avonte has been allowed back in school. His parents are fighting to get the suspension removed from his record.

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