Cris Carter confesses placing bounties on opposing players

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Former NFL receiver Cris Carter recently admitted to putting “bounties” on opposing players during his playing career during an interview with ESPN’s Outside the Lines. Carter says he did it for protection and also admits paying bounties for teammates of his while a player on the Minnesota Vikings in the late 90s. This supports the idea that bounties have been part of the game for decades prior to the actions of the New Orleans Saints. “NBC Sports” has the latest:

On Monday, former NFL receiver Cris Carter provided great insight regarding the concussion issue during ESPN’s Outside the Lines. On Tuesday, Carter chimed in on the other big issue in the NFL.

Actually, it was more than a chime. It was a freaking gong. Carter told ESPN Radio’s Hill & Schlereth that Carter placed cash bounties on opposing players during his career.

“I’m guilty of it,” Carter said. “It’s the first time I’ve ever admitted it. But I put a bounty on guys before. I put bounties on guys. And the guys tried to take me out, a guy tried to take a cheap shot on me, I put a bounty on him, right now.”

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