Police officer investigated after allegedly kicking pregnant woman in stomach

theGRIO REPORT - A police officer is now under investigation after a pregnant woman filed a complaint with alleging she was kicked in the stomach...

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Jerad Wheeler, a police officer in DeKalb County Georgia, is now under investigation after a pregnant woman filed a complaint with the police department, alleging she was kicked in the stomach by Wheeler while she was nine months pregnant.

The incident occurred when Officer Wheeler responded to a call regarding a custody dispute involving her brother. When the officer tazed her brother, Raven Dozier asked the officer why her brother had been tazed. It was then that she was allegedly attacked by the officer with what is described as a “front push-kick to the abdomen,” a defensive move that is taught in the police academy.

Dozier filed several complaints with the DeKalb County police department but the incident was never investigated. Officer Wheeler’s supervisors and the internal affairs department actually signed off on his behavior, stating Wheeler’s use of force was within policy guidelines.

Officer Wheeler has had two other complaints filed against him in the past twelve months for his use of force. Two other victims in the DeKalb County have come forward with similar accusations.

Dozier’s child was born healthy two weeks later by an emergency C-section.

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