South Africa’s former president, FW de Klerk, caused national outrage after defending apartheid during a TV interview. FW de Klerk won the Nobel Peace Prize alongside Nelson Mandela in 1993. The uproar happened because during the interview De Klerk said black people were not deprived of power during the time of apartheid. His defense is that “they voted” therefore they “were not disenfranchised.” The Daily Mail reports:

Former South African president FW de Klerk has sparked outrage after he gave a television interview in which he appeared to justify elements of apartheid.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate, 76, faced widespread condemnation this morning after he told the American news network CNN he believed there was merit in the idea of different ethnic groups living apart.

Mr De Klerk told CNN that the idea of ethnic communities being separated, as under apartheid, was ‘not repugnant’.

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