Brian Martinez has created an online platform that gives schools and teachers something they cannot find anywhere else. Demo Lesson won a competition last year against 17 other projects in last July’s Start-up Weekend, which focuses on education start-ups. Martinez’s focus was on gaining traction through users. NBC Latino has the story:

Imagine you’re a school looking to hire the best and brightest teacher you can. You look at two resumes side-by-side and the question is, who brings the most to the table as the best teacher of young children?

Enter Brian Martinez’s Demo Lesson — an online hiring platform (think LinkedIn meets Youtube for teachers) which is giving schools and teachers something they can’t find anywhere else online.

“Our peak was 1,200 to 1,300 jobs,” Martinez, who founded Demo lesson with teacher Mandela Schumacher-Hodge, says. “Teachers have been hired using our platform. It works well for out of state teachers. You don’t have to fly a teacher out. Instead of flying someone from Dallas to New York you can just watch the video of their demo lesson.”

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