Prosecutors have released the list of witnesses who will be called in the case of George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin in February.

The list includes 18 members of the Sanford Police Department, the officers who responded to the shooting scene on February 1st, investigators from both the Seminole and Duval County prosecutors offices (the latter of which took over when State Attorney Norman Wolfinger recused himself) along with investigators from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, two FBI agents, Sanford Fire Rescue officers, two people from the Medical Examiner’s Office, members of the Major Crimes Unit, friends of Zimmerman’s, and some of Martin’s family members.

There are also 22 additional “civilian” witnesses, whose names have been redacted from the information released to the media and to Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, as part of the discovery process on Tuesday.

Included on the list:

Officer Timothy Smith – the first officer to arrive at the crime scene, and who filed the first incident report in the case. He also is the officer who transported Zimmerman to the police station, after handcuffing him, securing his weapon, and putting him into the back of a patrol car.

Sergeants Ricardo Ayala and Tony Raimondo – the next officers to arrive at the scene on February 1st, who attempted CPR on Martin as he lay in the grass behind a row of townhomes.

Sgt. Stacie McCoy – the next officer to arrive at the scene, according to Ayala’s report, and who took over chest compressions on Martin before paramedics arrived, and the teen was declared dead at the scene.

Officers Jonathan Mead and Mike Wagner – who Ayala’s report says taped off the crime scene, and took witness statements.

Lt. Mike Taylor – the commander on duty that night.

Investigator Doris Singleton – the first officer to interrogate Zimmerman at the police station.

Investigator Christopher Serino – the homicide investigator who interrogated Zimmerman at the Sanford police station, and who reportedly wanted manslaughter charges filed against the 28-year-old — all made the list.

Robert O’Connor – the chief of investigations for Sanford police,

Officer Diana Smith – also at the scene that night.

Wendy Dorival – the volunteer coordinator for Sanford police, who set up the neighborhood watch that Zimmerman joined last year.

Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin – Trayvon Martin’s mother and father.

Jahavarius Fulton – Trayvon Martin’s older brother, who is currently a student at Florida International University.

Joe Oliver – George Zimmerman’s self-described “friend” and co-worker, who for a time was also his media spokesperson.

Robert Zimmerman – which refers either to George Zimmerman’s brother or father. Both men made various public statements on Zimmerman’s behalf after the case became a national sensation.

Frank Taaffe – Zimmerman’s friend and neighbor, who Zimmerman called and left a voicemail message with after he went into hiding.

A witness identified as “Brandy” – presumably Brandy Green, whose home Trayvon was visiting in Sanford, as she is the girlfriend of Tracy Martin.

One notable omission from the list is Bill Lee, the police chief in Sanford, who is currently on paid leave.

The release by prosecutors also previews some of the evidence they plan to use in the case, including multiple statements taken from witnesses by police, prosecutors, and an interview with “witness 8” by attorney Benjamin Crump, who represents the Martin family. And while it cannot be confirmed who “witness 8” is, Crump is known to have spoken to the young woman, a friend of Martin’s, who was on the phone with him just before the confrontation with Zimmerman took place.

Other evidence includes photos of the crime scene, video from the 7-11 where Trayvon is said to have purchased the iced tea and Skittles candy he was carrying when he was killed, video from the clubhouse at the Retreat at Twin Lakes, course materials from the homeowner’s association neighborhood watch program, cell phone records from Trayvon Martin and “victim 8,” evidence obtained from Zimmerman’s firearm, and information on Zimmerman’s prior arrests.

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