'Single Ladies' season 2: A few things we're going to have to accept about 'Single Ladies'

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From Madame Noire: If you’re anything like me, [the other] night you had all your errands ran, [your] shower taken, and a hot meal in front of you in anticipation of the season 2 premiere of Single Ladies at 9. And then, you either enjoyed the show for what it was or went in on it on Twitter. Since I’m in the camp who took the show for what it was, based on what I’d already seen last season, I decided to put together a list of things fans and naysayers are just going to have to accept about the show if they’re going to make it through 60 minutes of it every Monday. You may be asking why you have to accept any of this, and you don’t. But you’ll save your fingers the pain of running ragged trying to type out 140 characters of shade after every scene if you make peace with these few Single Ladies facts.

1. Valerie is gone. I could quite possibly be the only one who still thought she was coming back, but from the way things were playing out in the beginning of the season opener I really did still think there was a chance. I figured a trip to Milan means she’s coming back, right? But then the ladies read the email that said she decided to stay and I poured out my own champagne for Val along with the girls. Just kidding about the last part, but I think that on-screen gesture clearly meant Stacey is not welcomed on set ever again in life.

2. There will be bad acting. This shouldn’t surprise anyone but from the comments made on Twitter, I think people might have suspected the girls had taken acting classes in between seasons or something. Not so. I think a lot of people also had high hopes for Denise Vasi since she came from All My Children and seemed to be a decent actress to most, but if there is no other similarity between Denise and Val, here’s one: they’re both B-list actresses with C+ acting ability. I don’t mind because I’ve accepted it. If you turn on this show and expect to see the likes of Viola Davis or Anika Noni Rose, you will be highly upset.

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