Warren Sapp lets loose on former teammates in new book

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Warren Sapp is known for his blunt and unfiltered commentary on NFL Network. The former superstar defensive tackle is shifting gears and now putting his thoughts in an upcoming book, Sapp Attack,  which is already making headlines for its comments directed at former teammates, coaches and employers. Since he retired, fans have come to expect nothing less from Sapp. The Tampa Bay Times reports:

And here he comes again. Sapp, the most colorful, most discussed athlete in Tampa Bay history, is on another one of those brutal, relentless rushes again. One more time, he is loud, and he is profane, and he is stepping on a different set of toes every time you turn a page. You may like it, you may hate it, and you may stay up late laughing about it.

In other words, yeah, it’s full of Sapp.

For 314 pages, the former defensive tackle rambles through his career in the same familiar bluntness of his better news conferences. To sum up, he loved Tony Dungy, he liked Jon Gruden and he hated Sam Wyche. He admired Derrick Brooks, he didn’t care for Keyshawn Johnson and he thought Monte Kiffin was an overrated self-promoter. Also, he knows a lot of words your children should not read.

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