Movie theater marquee in Mississippi reads: 'Niger 3D, Dark Black Men'

A movie theater marquee from Natchez Mall’s Regal Cinema 4 in Natchez, Mississippi is advertising a ‘movie’ called: “Niger 3D, Dark, Black Men”. Pictures of the sign are floating all over Twitter. There is no evidence as of yet that the theater was aware of the words on their sign and they were not able to be reached for comment. The words on the sign appear to me a mix of current movie titles Men in Black 3, Marvel’s The Avengers and Dark Shadows.

Natchez, Mississippi is no stranger to racist incidents. As the oldest settlement on the Mississippi River during the Civil Rights era, the KKK used this Mississippi town as their central location. The population of the city as of the year 2000 was 18,464 people made up of a majority 44.2 percent whites and 54.5 percent blacks. One would assume racial tensions in the historically racially divided town would be high, but instead the locals accept segregation as the norm. The local high school has separate black and white proms to give students an ‘alternative’ to attend. Even more startling, on the school website students are not allowed to wear ‘hoodie jackets’ to school.

The slogan of the town is “Where the Old South Still Lives” and tourists can visit to re-enact parts of the Civil War and eat at preserved plantations.

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