Nike Air Yeezy II sneakers tailored to Kanye West's feet

Kanye West is releasing a new 80’s inspired Nike Air Yezzy II sneaker. The shoe is already a must have amongst some celebrities. LeBron James and Jay-Z have already been spotted wearing them. The sneaker was tailored to West’s feet in order to give the shoe a slimmer look. The shoe’s release is scheduled for June 7th and there is no doubt Kanye’s fans and sneaker aficionados are eagerly anticipate it’s release. The Nike Air Yezzy II seems to have arrived on the scene as one of summers must have looks. The Huffington Post reports:

Because God forbid a week goes by without Kanye making headlines, we are delighted to bring you the rapper’s newest project: the Nike Air Yeezy II.

Kanye West’s new sneakers, which retail for $250 (and will likely resale for wayyyy more), got an official release date today: June 9. Of course all the cool kids have already nabbed a pair: LeBron James was spotted at a press conference rocking black Air Yeezys while Jay-Z chose the gray — sorry, “platinum” — version.

But for all you sneakerheads still waiting around for your own Kanye kicks, here are some fun facts from to keep you sated until June 9:

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