Michelle Obama at Music Choice Awards (Chicago Sun Times)

Kimberly Small, the Republicans’ choice for state representative in the Chicago West Side 10th district, recently stirred up controversy with her Facebook postings about first lady Michelle Obama. On her Facebook page Small criticized the first lady’s outfit at the Children’s Choice Awards. “I don’t think they were offensive,” Small said. “I don’t approve of the way the first lady was dressed and I think I’m entitled to have an opinion. I think it’s great that she attended Kids Choice Awards. I don’t think it’s appropriate that she dressed like a kid.” The Chicago Sun Times reports:

Kimberly Small, Republicans’ choice for state representative in the West Side/Northwest Side 10th district, has some postings on her Facebook page that might cause controversy with her would-be constituents.

One is a picture of First Lady Michelle Obama wearing a short skirt to the Children’s Choice Awards with a caption that says she is dressed like a “hoochie mama.” The Urban dictionary defines the phrase as a loose woman.

The second is a joke about President Barack Obama throwing his wife into a baseball field when he misunderstands a request to throw out the “first pitch.”

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