Baltimore's Kenyan American community blasts cannibalism connection

What may have led Morgan State University student, Alexander Kinyua, to admittedly dismember his roommate and eat some of his body parts?...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

What may have led  Morgan State University student, Alexander Kinyua, to admittedly dismember his roommate and eat some of his body parts? Hundreds of online comments question whether Kinyua’s Kenyan roots had something to do with it. The Kenyan-American community in Baltimore is speaking out against  those accusations. WBALTV has the story.

The charges against Harford County man Alexander Kinyua, who’s accused of cutting up a roommate and eating parts of his innards, are generating widespread speculation about what could have motivated him.

Police said Kinyua was also arrested on charges of beating his Morgan State University dorm roommate, Joshua Cesar, with a baseball bat two weeks ago. Cesar, who was left blinded by the attack, said he now believes Kinyua was planning to kill and eat him, too.

An attorney for Cesar said on Tuesday that when Cesar woke up after the attack, Kinyua was standing over him with a knife. The attorney said other dorm residents stopped Kinyua before he could use it.
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