Lolo Jones inspires athletes to keep virginity (VIDEO)

theGRIO VIDEO - Mashli Fleurestil, 17, knows how to stay focused whether it's on a basket or, on her beliefs...


Mashli Fleurestil, 17, knows how to stay focused whether it’s on a basket or, on her beliefs.

“When I tell people that I want to wait, it’s something that’s like, it’s almost like a taboo now, it’s like, ‘What, what are you talking about? That’s crazy, I don’t understand,'” said Mashli.

Then, she found out Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones understands.

“I like what she said in her interview on [HBO’s] Real Sports, she said that waiting for marriage is harder than training for the Olympics, and I understand that completely,” said Mashli.

Until [the] revealing interview, Mashli had no idea who Jones was. Now, she’s a fan. Jones is a devout Christian, and a 29-year-old virgin, by choice. Refusing to have sex before marriage, her private choice is now public knowledge.

Jones is not the only star athlete holding out in accordance to their faith. Quarterback Tim Tebow also is. With examples like that, Mashli isn’t afraid to either.

“I feel like it’ll be a gift for the person I was created for, to have all of me, instead of bits and pieces of me,” said Mashli.

Like many athletes, Mashli finds support with a team. The junior is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Mashli now hopes Jones’ raised profile will inspire other young athletes to not waiver on their beliefs.