'The Game' looks to rebound with the exit of Tia Mowry, Pooch Hall

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The exit of actors Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall, who play Melanie and Derwin on the BET dramedy The Game, have led many people to believe the show has lost a lot of steam and was sure to end soon. New sources say that producers of the show are now looking for a new female actress and male actor to join the cast. Instead of replacing the actors, the show will create two new actors to play different roles that parallel to the Melanie and Derwin storyline.

The new actress would fill the regular role of Kiera, a 20-year-old former child star who has been in the spotlight since she was 5 years old, starring on a Cosby Show-style sitcom. The new female character will be bright and charming, but struggling to transition into her new grown-up career, according to the casting call.

A new male actor will be cast to play the part of Bryce “The Blueprint” Westbrook, a number one, Ivy League draft pick who defies the dumb athlete stereotype. He wins the Heisman Trophy while being the smartest player on the team, which puts some of his teammates on edge.

Fans have been uneasy since The Game switched from the network CW to BET, but many are optimistic that the new characters could inject life into the show.

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