Vagina brightening: Indian TV ad for genital skin whitening product stokes controversy

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Controversy has risen over an Indian TV advertisement selling a skin whitening shower gel that suggests men are more attractive to fairer vaginas. The ad is for Clean & Dry Intimate Wash and shows a young Indian woman being washed by her boyfriend. An animation depiction shows a woman applying the gel and its “brightening” effect. The ad has gotten most notable backlash on social media. The Huffington Post has the story:

An Indian TV advertisement for a skin-whitening shower gel has sparked controversy for suggesting that a fairer vagina is more attractive to men.

The ad for Clean & Dry Intimate Wash, shows a young Indian woman seemingly being ignored by her boyfriend. An animation shows a woman in the shower using the product, which produces a “brightening” effect around her genital area. Cut to the same girl now romping playfully with a much-more-interested boyfriend.

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