Sam Fine introduces Fashion Fair's 'Truly Treasured' collection

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From Ebony.comIn New York’s Lord & Taylor, Sam Fine stood out in the endless sea of beauty at the unveil[ing] of [the] Fashion Fair… “Truly Treasured” collection. His exuberance was captivating as he walked from small crowd to small crowd, making each person feel as if he knew them personally for years. Everyone was smitten with him, from the wide range of make up artists, down to onlookers who turned into customers. His elegant and polished mannerisms, paired with his humble approach made it clear that if even if you had no clue who he was, he was someone important. As a master make up artist to some world’s biggest [stars such as] Tyra BanksPaula PattonIman, and Vanessa Williams (just to name a few) he has upped the ante now wearing another hat, as Creative Make Up Director for the iconic Fashion Fair brand.

Fashion Fair over the years, has become a brand dedicated to providing beautiful ranges of make up to satisfy the needs of Black women. With the same common goals in mind Fine and Fashion Fair have become a match made in make up heaven. With new top sellers such as “First Lady,” from the “Truly Treasured” collection, Fashion Fair is able to mesmerize a clientele of all ages. EBONY caught up with makeup genius to chat breathing new life into the brand, and even how you can give yourself [a] surgery-free nose job. Of course we can’t forget about his upcoming line “Sam Fine For Fashion Fair,” coming soon, and aimed directly at today’s young trendsetters.

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