According to the Los Angeles Times, Oprah and the Kardashians are about to become well acquainted. It’s been reported that the OWN network hasn’t been doing poorly in the ratings and has lost over $300 million as a result. Her efforts to save OWN with high profile interviews with Bobbi Kristina and the Jackson family interviews have apparently done little to improve the fledgling channel’s reputation.

Now she is interviewing the infamous Kardashian clain and is receiving heat for it.

The Los Angeles Times has more:

Has OWN, the struggling Oprah Winfrey network, finally jumped the shark?

The announcement that Winfrey will sit down with Kim Kardashian and her entire family for a segment of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” might suggest that OWN may be entering a heightened state of desperation in its hunger for ratings.

Winfrey is sitting down with the Kardashian family members — and their significant others — at the Jenner home in Hidden Hills for an interview that will air June 17. The interview will be followed by Part 2 of Winfrey’s interview with rapper and “media mogul Curis “50 Cent” Jackson.

The “50 Cent” interview had already raised eyebrows because of Winfrey’s shunning of rappers during almost the entire run of her syndicated daytime show.

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