Shopaholic wears designer duds during Manhattan bank robbery spree

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A serial bank robber hit 14 banks in NYC dressed to impress. The New York Post reported that Cornell Neilly, 21, admitted to the police that he robbed the banks to keep up his shopping addiction. Neilly wore his designer purchases including a $250 Burberry shirt during two of his bank heists.

His fashion sense is a lot better than his common sense.

A serial bank robber wore Burberry during his spree across Manhattan — and then confessed after his arrest that he needed the cash to fuel his shopping addiction, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

Cornell Neilly, 21, donned the designer duds for two of 14 alleged heists during a pattern that started in April and stretched from Harlem to Battery Park, netting him more than $8,500, the sources said.

“He used the money to buy expensive clothes, $400 sneakers, a Burberry shirt,” said a source, adding that Neilly implicated himself in many of the heists.

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