Talib Kweli ranks his 25 most essential songs

Complex Music recently interviewed rapper Talib Kweli and he broke down the 25 songs that to him are most essential to his career as a musician.

Talib Kweli is an MC’s MC. On “Moment of Clarity” Jay-Z name-checked him as the ultimate example of lyrical quality: “If skills sold/Truth be told/I’d probably be/Lyrically/Talib Kweli.” But as dope as he is, many casual rap fans are unaware of his vast body of work.

Last month, Complex included him on our list of 25 Hip-Hop Artists People Think Are One-Hit Wonders (But Totally Aren’t) because Kweli is probably best known for his 2003 Kanye West–produced hit single “Get By.” Kweli may not have had many more Billboard hits, but true hip-hop heads know he’s got an illustrious catalog—both as a solo act and as a member of Reflection Eternal with Hi-Tek, and Black Star with Mos Def (now known as Yasiin Bey).

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