Timothy Bradley says he’s received death threats since Pacquiao win

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Timothy Bradley’s victory over Manny Pacquaio has been anything  but a celebration. The boxer is receiving major criticism from fans that think the fight was  fixed. Bradley has also received death threats online and is in a wheelchair due to a ankle and foot injury he suffered during the match. SportsRadioInterviews.com has the story:

Timothy Bradley is coming off a night where he kept his unblemished record intact and captured the biggest win of his career. For Bradley, this should be a time for great celebration after beating Manny Pacquiao. Instead of enjoying this victory though, Bradley has had to deal with massive amounts of criticism. To make matters worse, he has also been glued to his wheelchair because of his ankle/foot injury and has received death threats on Facebook, Twitter and via e-mail. The decision has been talked about all over the boxing world and was a disappointing result to say the least. It was a fight where Pacquiao should’ve been awarded the victory. However, fans have officially gone overboard with their anger and they are targeting the wrong person.

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