5th grader not allowed to give speech on gay marriage

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A fifth grade student from New York City was told by his principal that he could not give a speech in support of gay marriage at his school’s graduation. Kameron Slade, a student at PS 195 in Queens wrote a speech about ending prejudice and accepting all people as they are. Kameron wrote about his experiences after meeting a same-sex couple who were friends of his mother.

“This family seemed like any other family; the only difference was that there were two moms instead of a mom and dad. Adults must realize that as children get older they become aware of these issues in the world so what’s the point in trying to hide it? Marriage is about love support and commitment so who are we to judge. This is a form a prejudice,” he wrote.

The Huffington Post reports:

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A New York City-based fifth grader’s pro-gay marriage speech will never be heard by his classmates after his school’s principal deemed it inappropriate.

NY1 reports that Kameron Slade, a student at PS 195 in Queens, had planned to deliver the speech for a schoolwide competition. After winning a class competition, Kameron reportedly worked on the speech with his mother and teacher.

“Like President Obama, I believe that all people should have the right to marry whoever they want,” Slade says in the poignant speech, which he delivered in full on NY1. He also speaks about his own experiences with a lesbian couple, who are friends with his mother.

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