NFL receiver DeSean Jackson raises eyebrows with pricey rap label

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NFL receiver DeSean Jackson has started his own rap label called Jaccpot Records and is ready to fully invest in its success. Jackson employs several artists and friends and others close to the star receiver are concerned that he is headed down a path that will lead him towards “significant financial distress”. “It’s just a different lifestyle and things like that I’m getting into,” Jackson said. “And just kind of helping out my boys that I grew up with, and just hopefully make it a career as far as rapping and things like that.” NBC Sports has the story.

The writing was on the wall about a year ago when Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson dropped some $25,000 at a Los Angeles nightclub to fund his Jaccpot Records launch party. Yes, DeSean Jackson is the Chief Executive Officer of a rap label. And a rapper he employs, named Kid Cali, tweeted a receipt of a least part of Jackson’s expenditures on that night last June.

Jackson made the aforementioned investment when he was still collecting minimum base salaries. Last November, there were whispers Jackson was broke. He since signed a five-year, $47 million contract with $15 million guaranteed. Which makes you wonder how much he’s ponying up now.

Per Tim McManus of the Philly Post,some close to Jackson are worried,” to the point where some believe he could be headed down a road of “significant financial distress.”

Jackson bills it as an opportunity to help his old pals from L.A.

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