‘Fathering Court’ helps ex-cons become better dads

A Washington, D.C. training program is helping young fathers who are returning from prison find jobs to pay child support, reconnect with their children and have better relationships with their kids’ mothers. George Minor, a recent graduate of the program, has two kids and seems more positive about his prospects after taking this program.

“Everybody’s not bad. You just need a chance, that’s all,” Minor told the NBC reporter.

Out of the 54 men who graduated from this program, just 2 have returned to prison.

“The fundamental problem is that too many people are having babies before they are prepared to take care of them,” said D.C. Superior Court Judge Milton C. Lee Jr., who presides over the program.

“Once the child is born, however, we are in a race against time to get the parents working together. Or else the cycle of fatherlessness and delinquency will never be broken.”