Hecklers mess-up Dave Chappelle’s stand-up act in Austin

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Tuesday legendary comedian Dave Chappelle took the stage in Austin, TX, and much to his and the crowd’s surprise he could not finish his stand-up act because he was distracted by hecklers in the audience. The Huffington Post reports:

Move over, Neil Munro. When Dave Chappelle performed a show at The Paramount Theatre in Austin, Tex. on Tuesday, he was largely unable to get through his set due to hecklers mercilessly interrupting the legendary stand-up comic.

Chappelle had booked the Paramount show only hours before and sold out the 1,200 seat theater in minutes, as is common for the comedian. Since abruptly leaving “Chappelle’s Show” in 2006, citing mental exhaustion, he has stayed largely out of the media spotlight, performing mostly unpublicized gigs in New York City and Los Angeles. Austin audiences felt they were in for a treat.

Chappelle asked to be booked at the Austin theatre after a well-received show in Dallas that weekend.

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