Family of girl who was shot sues GPS tracking company of the shooter

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Danielle Brooks, the mother of Raven Wyatt, who was struck by a bullet and suffered catastrophic injuries, is attempting to sue the GPS tracking company of her daughter’s shooter. The 8-year-old from Baltimore was shot when she was 5, and still needs extensive medical support. Her shooter was a delinquent juvenile when the incident occurred in 2009. The Baltimore Sun reports:

The mother of a young girl hit with a stray bullet fired by a juvenile offender who was under GPS tracking is seeking millions of dollars from the state vendor that provides the monitoring, claiming in a lawsuit that the company knew its product was flawed.

The suit was filed in U.S. District Court this week by Danielle Brooks, whose daughter, Raven Wyatt, was 5 years old when she was struck by a bullet and suffered catastrophic injuries. The girl is now 8, and the family’s attorney estimates her care could cost more than $7 million over her lifetime.

Company officials had not been served with the lawsuit Wednesday, according to Bailey, and did not respond to a request for comment. The family is seeking $10 million for each of seven claims.

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