Carmelita Jeter: One to watch at this year’s Olympic games

From Clutch: Carmelita Jeter’s determination is second to none. After failing to make it out of the semifinals in the 2008 Olympic trials, the 32-year-old California native didn’t give up. She took to the track and trained harder.

After 2008’s disappointment, Jeter kicked her training into overdrive and delivered an impressive win in 2009 in Shanghai, speeding to the second-fastest women’s 100-meter victory in history, clocking in at 10.64, second only to track and field legend Florence Griffith-Joyner.

This year, Jeter (my former high school classmate) earned her spot on the U.S. Olympic team, winning the 100-meter title, clocking in at 10.92. This victory guarantees Jeter will be competing on the world’s largest stage and is a testament to her hard work throughout the years.

“I am in a very special place right now,” Jeter told reporters. “I am trying not to get emotional. This is my first Olympic team! I am extremely blessed.”

Along with being an Olympian, Jeter is an advocate for physical fitness and breast cancer awareness. And judging from her determination and sheer determination to win, we should all keep an eye out for Jeter at this summer’s Olympic games in London.

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