Andre Benjamin
June 25, 2012: Andre Benjamin aka Andre 3000 and Hayley Atwell on the film set of "All Is By My Side" - the upcoming Jimi Hendrix biopic The scene being filmed depicted Andre and Hayley's characters walking down the street and being stopped by policemen, followed by a verbal altercation and Hayley gesturing rudely toward the policemen as they fled. Mandatory Credit:

Rapper/actor Andre Benjamin (otherwise known as Andre 3000 of the Atlanta-based group Outkast) hit the streets of Dublin, Ireland to film scenes for the upcoming biopic All Is By My Side, a biopic in which he plays Jimi Hendrix. Dre and co-host Hayley Atwell, who plays Hendrix girlfriend Linda Keith, acted out a scene in which Hendrix and Keith were hassled by police, with Atwell throwing in a rude gesture toward the “bobbies” as they fled.

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