Prisoner dies after nurse turns ambulance away

The mother of a Minnesota prisoner has filed a lawsuit after her son died when a nurse turned an ambulance away that was sent the prison doctor after the inmate suffered a seizure. Xavius Scullark-Johnson, 27, was serving a five month sentence for a parole violation and was set to be released just three weeks after his death.

The lawsuit names two nurses at the Minnesota Department of Corrections. The Huffington Post reports that ambulance reports obtained by the Tribune state, Scullark-Johnson was found “soaked in urine on the floor of his cell.”

A prisoner was left in his urine-soaked cell to die after a nurse turned away an ambulance, even though he had suffered several seizures, according to documents obtained by the Star Tribune.

Xavius Scullark-Johnson, 27, was three months away from getting out of prison when he died in June 2010. He was serving a five-month sentence for a probation violation stemming from a second-degree assault conviction. Now his mother, Olivia Scullark, is suing two nurses employed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections at the Rush City prison, as well as other medical staff and corrections officers, according to the Pioneer Press.

Scullark told The Huffington Post she filed the lawsuit because that’s what her son, who suffered from schizophrenia and a seizure disorder, told her to do if he didn’t make it out of the prison alive.

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