Nicole Murphy: ‘Hollywood Exes’ is not ‘Basketball Wives’

theGRIO VIDEO - Many people know Nicole Murphy as the ex-wife of Eddie Muphy, but the glamorous mother of five is proving to be so much more on her new reality show 'Hollywood Exes'...

Many people know Nicole Murphy as the ex-wife of actor/comedian Eddie Murphy. The pair were married for 13 years, but now Nicole is stepping out of the shadows of her famous ex-husband and focusing on making name for herself, with her new show Hollywood Exes.

The series stars Nicole, Jessica Canseco (ex-wife of Jose Canseco — 4 years), Sheree Fletcher (ex-wife of Will Smith — 3 years), Mayte Garcia (ex-wife of Prince — 3 years), and Andrea Kelly (ex-wife of R. Kelly — 12 years).

Nicole, who is in the process of restarting her career as a model, has recently launched a jewelry line, and is working on developing a lifestyle driven clothing line. She is currently engaged to retired NFL star Michael Strahan and is excited about staring a new chapter in her life.

When asked if Hollywood Exes would feature drama and controversy similar to that of Basketball Wives Nicole said, “I’m not on Basketball Wives, it’s a completely different show.” Our show is a “positive thing. You’ll see when you watch the show.”

Nicole also wants to set the record straight on how she wound up marrying Eddie Murphy. “I just happened to meet him. I happened to be at an event where he saw me and came to me. He chose me, and then I chose him.”

She also said that Eddie supports her decision to take part in Hollywood Exes. “He’s cool with it. It’s not like I had to go get permission from him. But he’s cool with it.”

Hollywood Exes premieres tonight at 9/8C on VH1.

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