Tyler Perry's 10 most popular film storylines

theGRIO Report - Constant criticism and critique is something that movie director Tyler Perry has become accustomed to since his emergence in Hollywood for his popular films...

african kings

Tyler Perry is used to criticism. It’s part of the reason he’s been so wildly successful. The praise he gets from some and ridicule from others make Tyler Perry “the highest-paid man in all of entertainment“.

Perry has made over $100 million in four out of the last five years and has a net worth of over $350 million. He has made strides in helping the community, giving black actors roles and producing films for the black community, but its evident that the black community wants more.

Much of the flack Perry recieves comes from not painting blacks in a positive, uplifting light all of the time. Many reoccurring roles include a black woman needing the existence of a man to be strong or an overpowering presence of a matriarch to intervene with her wisdom. This slideshow compiled 10 storylines of popular Tyler Perry films.

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