Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain speaks at the 'Cain's Revolution on the Hill' Tax Day Rally at the U.S. Capitol (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is preparing to launch his own Web channel, called CainTV. According to the channel’s Facebook page, it promises to feature “critical reporting” as well as “the humorous and fun side with shows comically sending up the events and news of the day.”

“Whether you are looking for commentary, comedy, or culture, CainTV delivers it all in an INformed, INspirational, and INtertaining way.”

The trailer previews two shows. One of the shows, I Want Your Money, is “a controversial look at government spending.” The second show is a man-on-the-street quiz show called Civic Sessions with Elan Bentov.

“They think we are stupid,” Cain says in the trailer. “We are not stupid.”

CainTV will launch on July 4th.

Click here to watch the trailer video.

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