The New York Post reports that in 2009 Crystal Wright-Johnson was attempting to board the bus in Queens when the doors abruptly closed on her and the bus began to not only move, but drag her down the street. Wright-Johnson suffered from shoulder and neck injuries, 3 herniated discs and underwent multiple surgeries. In court, the bus driver, Tze Cheng, told jurors that the incident never happened. With no other witnesses but her husband, Wright-Johnson put up 1,500 fliers in the area in hopes that someone who was present would come forward. A man named Daniel Zorilla did, and the MTA settled the case for $3m.

This witness was worth a million — 3 million, in fact.

A Queens woman who was badly injured after being dragged by a city bus is getting $3 million from the MTA — which abruptly settled her lawsuit after a man responded to a blizzard of fliers seeking witnesses to the 2009 incident.

“After three years, I couldn’t believe it,” said Crystal Wright-Johnson, 32, about the 11th-hour appearance of witness Daniel Zorrilla, who supported her testimony about the terrifying incident in Far Rockaway.

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