Controversial Tea Party Congressman Allen West’s combative style has won him fans and enemies. At a recent public event he got a taste of his own medicine, when a young protestor heckled him in front of news cameras. “You oughta be ashamed of yourself,” the man told West. The Huffington Post has more:

After a young man heckled Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) at a July 4th celebration in the Sunshine State, a spokesman for the Tea Party-backed congressman is out with a statement calling the encounter “highly inappropriate.”

The exchange was captured on camera by CBS12 just as the local station was getting ready to interview West.

“You oughta be ashamed of yourself,” the heckler said before directing strong words bleeped out by CBS12 at the congressman. West responded, “Oh wow, that’s very nice language.”

According to CBS12, the man also gave West the middle finger.

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