Sanya Richards-Ross aims for first individual gold at London Games

theGRIO VIDEO - Sanya Richards-Ross is a three-time Olympic medalist and hopes to earn her first individual gold medal at this summer's London Games...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

When Sanya Richards-Ross was nine years old, she remembers watching the 100 meter Olympic final between Gail Devers and Merlene Ottey. Devers barely beat Ottey in a memorable photo finish across the finish line – an image Richards-Ross would never forget.

“I thought, man I want that to be me, I want to be the one people are cheering for,” Richards-Ross said.

Richards-Ross was born in Kingston but later became a US citizen shortly after moving to America at the age of 12. She’s appeared in two Olympic Games, twice winning gold in the 4-400 meter relays in Athens, Beijing. She won a bronze medal in the 400 meters at Beijing – but still has her eyes on individual gold.

“For London, I’m most looking forward to the individual 400,” Richards-Ross insists. “I’m really focused on trying to make this my first individual gold medal.”

Richards wed NFL cornerback Aaron Ross in February, 2010. The two met as undergraduates at the University of Texas.

“[Aaron] supports me 100 percent…he inspires me to be the best athlete I can be,” Richards-Ross said.

Her husband Aaron has won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants. Richards said she hopes the London games add to their impressive collection of athletic feats.