Lil Scrappy, a rapper and current TV reality star on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, recently did an interview with TMZ, in which he commended Frank Ocean for ‘coming out’ about his sexuality.  During a phone interview, Lil Scrappy expressed his true feelings about Frank Ocean’s admission saying, “I’m glad that he came out. So that all the real women, who love to mess with real men, ya know, the straight men, we can keep the AIDS situation down.”

When asked a follow up question about whether he believes being “gay is a gateway to AIDS?”  Lil Scrappy responded, “Definitely.”

During the same interview, Lil Scrappy did mention he would have no problem collaborating with Frank Ocean, saying he would “jump on a track like it was yesterday.”

Since the TMZ interview, Lil Scrappy has taken to his Twitter to clear up a few things.

Lil Scrappy also tweeted that “Ok yall just took the tmz sh*t wrong cus I was def not sayin that’s the only way u can get hiv I mean come on yall just wanna find a reason”

And followed up the previous tweets by thanking everyone for their comments “good or bad that’s just ur opinion…”

Click here to listen to the whole interview with TMZ.