Pistons' forward, Greg Monroe, upset over Olympic snub

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One NBA player is voicing his opinion about the 2012 men’s U.S. Olympic Select Team’s roster.  That player is Pistons’ forward, Greg Monroe.  He is upset that he did not even get an invite to tryout for the team, which will help prepare the Olympic team for competition in London.  Complex Mag has the story:

Yesterday, we asked you if there was anyone missing from the final roster of the United States men’s Olympic basketball team. Apparently, one NBA player feels as though his name should’ve been at least invited for a tryout. That person is Greg Monroe. Here’s what he had to say:

“No disrespect to those guys on the roster, but looking at the guys on the Select Team roster, I should have been on there,” he said. “That’s just how I feel. That’s just the confidence I have in myself. The season I had, I don’t know if I was considered, but at least (I should have been) invited. That’s how I feel. Some people might feel differently but I think I should’ve been invited.”

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