LeBron or Kobe's team in London?

The highly anticipated Summer Olympic Games in London are just over two weeks away.  The US Men’s Basketball Team has set its roster and begun practice.  With the 2008 Olympic leader, Kobe Bryant, and this year’s NBA MVP and championship winner, Lebron James, both on the court, the team’s leadership role is up for grabs.  Matthew Kitchen from NBC Olympics reports:

Congratulations to Blake Griffin, Andre Iguodala, and James Harden for being named to Team USA this weekend. You’re all talented additions, but, and this is just a heads up, this team is led by Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Act accordingly.

We’re not fans of putting anyone in the same conversation with Michael Jordan, mostly because it’s offensive to our childhood, basketball, and the universe as a whole, but LeBron has a chance to match Jordan’s incredible summer of 1992 when he earned an MVP, championship, Finals MVP, and gold medal. They’d be the only pair to pull it off, with Kobe a Game 7 away in 2008.

Those accomplishments are a vast improvement over LeBron’s last couple summers, including the time he surrounded himself with children to distract from him being a terrible human during “The (Awful PR) Decision.” And the time he inexplicably lost to a less talented Mavericks team in the 2011 Finals because he wasn’t willing to usurp Dwyane Wade as leader.

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