Brooklyn DA Justin Marcus photographed in black face as in undergraduate student in 2006.

College photographs are known for haunting individuals once they enter their professions, but this recent case involves an officer of the law.  New York District Attorney Justin Marcus is currently being questioned about Facebook photographs dating back to 2006 during his undergraduate years. The photos, which were recently revealed, show the D.A. pictured in several inappropriate costumes one portrays him in black face while wearing an Afro. The D.A. has declined to comment on the photos but did not deny they were his. Marcus has not been reprimanded for the inappropriate photos. The Daily Mail reports:

An assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, New York found himself red in the face after photos insensitive Facebook photos of him in blackface were published online.

Justin Marrus, whose father is a supreme court justice in Brooklyn, was forced to apologize for the old photos of him dressed in a tie-dyed shirt, dreadlocks and blackface with the caption ‘what part of jamaica you from mon?’

New York news site Gothamist found and published the photos, including a picture of Marrus, who is now 25-years-old, and a friend simulating prison rape while standing behind bars.

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