Black stars light up 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego

theGRIO REPORT - Comic-Con, an international multi-genre gathering of comic book fans and anything science fiction-related, kicks off today...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Comic-Con, an international multi-genre gathering of comic book fans and anything science fiction-related, kicks off today. Founded in San Diego, California by four comic book writers, Comic-Con has spread to locations around the globe. Fans have created a culture around the educational fair that includes costumes, movie screenings and taking photos with their favorite characters. This year a number of noticeable black contributors will be present, and some may even steal the show.

Fans who eagerly await science fiction and comic book movies get a bit of a reprieve from their anticipation. Django Unchained, Pacific Rim, Wreck it Ralph and Will Smith’s new film After Earth will be previewed at Comic-Con this year.

Also, there will be a few African-American comic book and science fiction writers present as special guests:

Trevor Von Eeden is a comic book artist who received his first press mention at age 17 for his illustration of the character Black Lightning for DC Comics. Since then, he has worked on X-Men UnlimitedPower Man and Iron Fist, Green Arrow, Black Canary,  The Fly, Cat Woman, Worlds Finest Comics Starring: Superman and Batman, and most recently, The Original Don Johnson: A heavyweight champion described as ‘the first psychologically free black man in American history.

Wee Pals is a comic strip that includes a diverse group of children in an attempt by the author Morrie Turner to “portray a world without prejudice, a world in which people’s differences — race, religion, gender, and physical and mental ability — are cherished, not scorned.” When Wee Pals first started in 1965, it was difficult to get a comic that portrayed back children printed, but with the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., Wee Pals began to appear in over 100 newspapers nationwide.

‘Black Panther’ fans may want to check out ‘Unknown Soldier’

Robert Guillory, author of the comic Chew, the story of a Philadelphia police detective Cibopath  (pronounced “see-bo-path”).  Set in a world where chicken and other bird meats are illegal after a bird flu epidemic that killed 23 million Americans, Cibopath is on assignment to find people smuggling chicken into the country

N.K. Jemisen, author of the popular science fiction novels ‘The Inheritance Trilogy’ and ‘The Dreamblood‘ series has won many awards and will also be making an appearance at Comic-Con.


666 Park Avenue with Vanessa Wiliams, Orlando McDonald and Alano Miller.

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