Celebrities, non-profits come together for photo shoot to help orphans in Haiti

theGRIO REPORT - Some very beautiful people have all come together to bring the gift of art to children at an orphanage in Carrefour, Haiti...

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Some very beautiful people have come together to bring the gift of art to children in an orphanage in Carrefour, Haiti. The project is entitled “Art Day Celebration.”

Monica Watkins, a 20-year veteran in the modeling industry,  has been working with children in Haiti since 2008 with her organization Art in Motion. Watkins brings art into the lives of orphan children in Haiti.

The Art Day Celebration project hopes to provide the community of Carrefour, Haiti as well as other poor and ill-serviced communities with visual, creative art instruction and workshops. Art kits are to be provided to each child so that they can further their artistic expression. “Art is a tool that can empower children from many different levels, ” said Watkins “…to think that they are worth something.”

Together with Martine Longchamp Founder, CEO of Diakonos Intl, both co-founders of Art Day Celebration, Americas Next Top Model Dani Evans, Shana Pederson, founder of Life Preservers Project, Photographer Laura Trevino, Angela Simmons and a number of nonprofits, including  Diaknonos International and Life Preservers  Art Day Celebration was formed.

Earlier last month, the star studded group held a photo shoot and night of art and fashion in New York City to help promote the cause. Today the fun begins for the children in Haiti. Follow Monica Watkins and the children on Facebook

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