Supporters erect new Trayvon Memorial in Sanford

Supporters of Trayvon Martin have erected a new curbside memorial to the slain team, less than a week after the original one was removed by the city.

The new memorial is simpler, consisting of the now iconic photo of the teen wearing a hoodie and staring into the camera, with the words “Justice for Trayvon” superimposed on it. Beneath the photo, which is affixed to a street sign outside the Retreat at Twin Lakes townhome complex where he was visiting with his father when he was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer, is a small wreath.

Neighbors had complained that the previous makeshift memorial had become an eyesore — the teddy bears and flowers battered by the weather and time. The contents of the old memorial are now in storage at the Sanford museum. Attorneys for Martin’s family and members of Sanford’s African-American community dispute the city manager’s contention that Martin’s family gave the green light to move the items.

It is not known who erected the new memorial, or whether it will draw the same reaction from neighbors, who one commissioner said, have complained that Martin’s killing has come to define their community. The group of Sanford residents called the Concerned Citizens of Sanford tell theGrio they did not erect the new memorial, and are still awaiting word from the city manager about what will become of the old one.

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