Flavor Flav hijacks airplane intercom to promote his fried chicken joint

Flavor Flav was recently aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Burbank, CA to Las Vegas when he realized he had a captive audience, and decided to take the opportunity to advertise his restaurant.

During the aircraft’s final descent, the Flavor of Love star took over the intercom to talk about his fried chicken restaurant, Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor, and began listing everything that the restaurant sells, including friend chicken, and red velvet waffles.


“Just to let y’all know, I do have a restaurant. It’s called Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor, it’s a take-out restaurant only,” he said. Fried chicken, we got collard greens, potato salad, coleslaw, red velvet waffles. Yeah we be gettin’ it in.”

During his impromptu rant, Flavor Flav also thanked the plane’s pilots and crew members.

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