Michael Vick: 'Absolutely' among the top 10 quarterbacks in NFL

theGRIO VIDEO - Michael Vick tells theGrio he is a top ten quarterback in the NFL. Vick and the Eagles are coming off a disappointing 8-8 finish last season, missing the playoffs for the first time since 2007...

Michael Vick says his new book Finally Free is his “last step” to put his troubled past behind him. In an interview with theGrio.com’s Todd Johnson, Vick discussed his motivation for the upcoming season and why he feels he’s reached a new point in his life.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has said the 2011 season was a “disappointment.” He promises this season will be one with “no distractions,” which is a big reason why he is releasing Finally Free before it starts.

“I’m living in the present, living for the future,” Vick said of his mindset in 2012. “You know, letting the past be the past. Just don’t want to continue to talk about it anymore. I think there’s more to talk about that my wrongdoings and my failures.”

Vick has been busy this offseason, launching his own line of sportswear called ‘V7’ and marrying longtime girlfriend Kijafa Frink. He also knows football season is around the corner.

“Just to play good football,” Vick said when asked of his goals for the upcoming season. “[To] make sure our preparation’s right, make sure we do everything that’s going to put us in a position to be at our best on Sundays and try to get in the postseason.”

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Vick also considers himself among the league’s top ten at his position.

“Absolutely I’m in the top ten,” Vick insisted. “I’m not saying it with arrogance, I’m saying it with confidence.”

Vick earned his fourth Pro Bowl nod after a stellar 2010 season, where he set career highs in quarterback rating, completion percentage and touchdown passes. 2011 was a different story – the Eagles failed to make the playoffs and Vick threw a career-high 14 interceptions.

This year, Vick’s Eagles open up on the road against the Cleveland Browns.

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