Allen West emerges as fundraising juggernaut

Rep. Allen West of Florida, one of only two black Republicans in Congress, has turned his firebrand style into one major political benefit: dollars.

Politico reports the controversial West, known for his aggressive Obama-bashing and frequent Fox News appearances, has raised more than $10 million for his congressional campaign this year. That is one of the biggest hauls of any House candidate this year, and more than most Senate candidates have brought in, even though they run in statewide races.

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West though, may need the money. His Democratic opponent, Patrick Murphy, is likely to get a huge influx of money from Democratic activists eager to defeat the first-term Republican. And the South Florida-based district is closely divided between Democrats and Republicans, giving Murphy a chance to knock off the incumbent.

Earlier this month, National Journal rated this district as the 20th most likely to have the party now holding the seat to lose control of it.